Primary@Pioneers Park is open 7 days, 8am – 4pm.

Primary@Pioneers Park. Our cafe in Berwick is open 7 days a week from 8am to 4pm.

Primary@Pioneers Park Menu

Chef’s Specials

8am to 3pm (#menu items available until 4pm). Specials updated weekly

(v)Vegetarian, (veg)Vegan, (vo)Vegan option, (gf)Gluten free, (gfo) gluten free option

Primary Works - Primary At Pioneers Cafe

Loaded Poutine
Crispy fries with 16 hour slow cooked beef brisket, bacon bits, cheese curds, tasty cheese and gravy, topped with onion rings  24

Pizza #
Bolognese base, topped with basil, bocconcini, parmesan and mozzarella  23

Penne with chilli chicken, red onion, roast capsicum and cream cheese, in a creamy Napoli sauce, topped with spring onion and shaved parmesan  26
(add a garlic & herb bread 6)

Soup #
with accompanying bread  17  (check with your waiter)

All Day Menu

8am – 3pm (# menu items available until 4pm)


Primary Works - Primary At Pioneers Cafe

Primary works
Eggs any style, bacon, tomato, Hungarian chipolatas, house made potato rosti, field mushroom, home style tomato relish on sourdough  28
(Vegetarian Roast pumpkin & spinach  24)

Eggs On Toast - Primary At Pioneers Cafe

Eggs on toast (v)(gfo)
Eggs any style on sourdough, multigrain or English muffins  12
(Add extras)


An Egg  3.5
Avocado, spinach, fetta, house made hollandaise, roast pumpkin, roasted tomato, garlic sauteed button mushrooms, beetroot hummus, grilled broccolini, spiced sweet potato, crispy cauliflower  4
Bacon, chipolatas (2), house made potato rosti, corn fritter, haloumi 5.5
Grilled Chicken  7
Slow cooked lamb, smoked salmon, 16 hour slow cooked brisket  8
Gluten free toast  2
Seeded mustard aioli, chipotle mayo,  sweet chilli sauce, tomato relish 1.5

Potato Rosti Stack

Potato rosti stack
Maple bacon, avocado, poached egg, house made hollandaise  23
(Smoked salmon instead of bacon  25)

Eggs Benedict - Primary At Pioneers Cafe Berwick

Eggs Benedict (gfo)
Soft poached eggs, bacon, house made hollandaise on English muffins  22

Muffins - Primary At Pioneers Park Berwick

House made muffins #
(fresh daily) sweet or savoury with butter  5.5

Breaky Roll - Primary At Pioneers Park

Breakfast roll (gfo)
Fried egg, bacon, American cheddar, BBQ mayo, lettuce, milk bun  17.5
(Add avocado  4, rosti 5.5)


Toast (gfo)
Sourdough or multigrain with raspberry jam, vegemite, peanut butter or honey  8.5

Noisette Fruit Toast

Noisette fruit toast (v)
with butter  9.5


Scones # (v)
Raspberry jam, double cream  11.5

Primary Works - Primary At Pioneers Cafe

Chia & coconut porridge (veg)
served with maple baked apples, spiced rum & raisins, candied pecans and vanilla coconut yoghurt  19.5

Corn Fritters

Corn fritters (v)
Smashed avo, roquette, red onion, sour cream, sweet chilli sauce   23.5
(Great with bacon  add 5.5)

Corn Fritters

Buttermilk pancakes
with Biscoff cream, banana, caramel sauce and vanilla mascarpone, topped with Biscoff crumb  22


Avo Smash (v)(gfo)(vo)
Beetroot hummus, fetta, mint & roquette salad, ancient grain crumb, poached eggs on multigrain  21.5
(Vegan 15)

Nourish Bowl

Nourish Bowl (v)(gf)(vo)
Crispy cauliflower, roast pumpkin, sweet potato, grilled haloumi, charred broccolini, avocado, spiced black bean & lentil salad, poached egg, ancient grain crumb, beetroot hummus  24.5
(Vegan  18) (Add grilled chicken breast  7)

Salt & Pepper Calamari

Salt and pepper calamari
Asian salad, miso mayo, sweet chilli sauce, lime, crispy shallots   27

Ancient Grain Salad

Slow cooked lamb & ancient grain salad (gf)(vo)
Roast sweet potato, spinach, dried fruits, chilli, lime, herbs, lentils, quinoa, pepita dukkah, whipped fetta & yogurt, pomegranate molasses  27
(Vegetarian  20.5 with roast pumpkin
Vegan  19.5 with roast pumpkin)

Toasted Roti Wrap

16 hour slow cooked beef brisket quesadilla
tasty cheese, spring onions, jalapenos, smashed avo, charred corn, capsicum & lime salsa, Mexican spiced fries, chipotle mayo   27

Toasted Roti Wrap

Toasted roti wrap # (v)
Spinach, red capsicum, roast pumpkin, Persian fetta, roquette salad, fruit chutney  18.5

Primary Burger

Korean fried chicken burger
slaw, miso mayo, sweet & spicy sauce, Asian pickles, milk bun, chips  25

Primary Burger

Primary beef burger
160g Angus beef served medium, bacon, American cheddar, caramelised onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles, milk bun, secret sauce, chips  26
(Vegetarian with field mushroom  20)


Steak or chicken sandwich
Scotch fillet or chicken breast, bacon, tomato, tasty cheese, roquette, onion jam, seeded mustard aioli, tomato relish, chips on a Turkish roll
(steak)  27 (chicken)  26

(Add a fried egg  3.5, or avocado  4)

Cheese Board - Primary

Cheese board #
Three cheeses, fresh fruit, quince paste and crackers  30
(with antipasto selection of cured meats & marinated vegetables  59)

Trio Of Dips - Primary At Pioneers Park

Trio of dips #
Three dips (please check with your waiter), three breads and roquette salad 19
(Plus antipasto selection add 29)

Chips # With mustard mayo or tomato sauce  10
Potato wedges #  Sour cream, sweet chilli sauce  13
Side salad (v)  Mixed leaf, tomato, cucumber, red onion, olives, lemon dressing  8  
Garlic and herb bread


An Egg  3.5
Avocado, spinach, fetta,  house made hollandaise, roast pumpkin, roasted tomato, garlic sauteed button mushrooms, beetroot hummus, charred broccolini, crispy cauliflower, spiced sweet potato  4
Bacon, chipolatas (2), house made potato rosti, corn fritter, haloumi 5.5
Grilled Chicken  7
Slow cooked lamb, smoked salmon, 16 hour slow cooked beef brisket  8
Gluten free toast  2
Seeded mustard aioli, chipotle mayo,  sweet chilli sauce, tomato relish 1.5

Children’s Menu

Egg any way and bacon on sourdough  10.5
Coco pops  7
Pancakes with maple syrup & ice cream # 10.5
Fish & chips #  10.5
Ham & cheese toastie with chips #  10.5
Margherita pizza # (vegetarian)  9.5  (add ham 4)
Chicken nuggets and chips #  10.5
Cheeseburger & chips  11
Kids pasta 9.5

Please note that we are unable to cater for requests for menu changes or variations at busy times. Thank you for understanding.

If you have a severe food allergy you must alert our staff. We can’t guarantee that our products are strictly free from allergens. We do our best, but cross contamination is possible during production.

Drinks Menu

Hot Drinks

Espresso   3.5

Cappuccino, latte, flat white   5

Mocha, Vienna   5.5

Piccolo, short macchiato   4.5

Long black, long macchiato   4.8

Hot chocolate   with marshmallows   5

Chai latte   5

Baby chino   with marshmallows  2.5

Loose leaf tea   English breakfast, earl grey, sencha green, lemon grass & ginger, peppermint, chamomile 5

Prana Sticky Chai   brewed, steamed with milk   7

Extras   coffee shot  0.5

soy, almond, lactose free, oat, mug, flavoured syrups  1

Milk Drinks

Iced coffee  espresso, ice cream, milk, vanilla syrup, whipped cream, dusted with choc  8

Iced chocolate  ice cream, choc syrup, milk, whipped cream, dusted with choc  8

Milkshakes   chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, caramel, coffee  8

(extra ice cream, soy milk, almond milk   1.5)

Kids flavoured milk   2.5

Cold drinks

Purezza premium sparkling water 

on tap  750ml  4

Old fashioned lemonade   6

Lemon, lime and bitters   6

Coke   no sugar, lemonade, fanta   5

Spiders   lemonade, raspberry, coke, fanta   7

Orange, pineapple or apple juice 

small 3  large 5

Cold Pressed Juices (bottled)  7.5


(apple, spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, lettuce, lemon, ginger)


(carrot, orange, pineapple, celery, lemon, turmeric)

Tropical Bliss

(orange, mango, passionfruit, lucuma)


(apple, raspberry, passionfruit, rhubarb)

Cold drip coffee   5.5

Beer, Cider & Spirits

Great Northern Super Crisp Lager   10

Corona, Asahi   10

3806 Brewing Pale Ale   10

D’Angelo Apple or Pear Cider   9.5

Spirits& liqueurs   30mls from 10

Espresso Martini   18

Sparkling Wine

Tobacco Road Prosecco, King Valley Vic   Piccolo 200ml  18

Paul Louis de Blancs NV, Loire Valley France  Piccolo 200ml  18

Rob Dolan Blanc de Blanc, Yarra Valley Vic   Bottle only  40

Pizzini Prosecco NV, King Valley Vic   Bottle only  40

Zonzo Bellini Di Cristina, Yarra Valley Vic  Bottle only  45

White Wine

Montevecchio Moscato Heathcote Vic  Glass/bottle  10/40

Bellvale Pinot Gris, Gippsland Vic  Glass/bottle  10/40

Starborough Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough N.Z  Glass/bottle  10/40

D’Angelo Lady Chardonnay, Officer Vic  Glass/bottle  10/40

Paringa Estate Chardonnay, Mornington Peninsula VIC  Bottle only  55

Red Wine

Pizzini Rosetta, King Valley VIC  Glass/bottle 10/40

Rob Dolan ‘True Colours’ Pinot Noir, Yarra Valley VIC  Glass/bottle  10/40

Round Two ‘Single Vineyard’ Merlot, Barossa Valley SA  Glass/bottle  10/40

Cooper Burns Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre Barossa Valley  Glass/bottle  10/40

Quartier Pinot Noir, Mornington Peninsula VIC  Bottle only  56